Red Hut

Erdei kulcsosház családok, baráti társaságok számára…

Vörös kunyhó kulcsosházThe Red Hut is located in the southern part of the Mátra, 13 km from Gyöngyös. The house is located in a nature reserve, without a fence, literally in the depths of the forest, and therefore in nomadic conditions, but not in a puritanical design. The Red Hut is an alternative for families, couples and groups of friends who want to be close to nature, who prefer a quiet holiday and special, undisturbed places. The hut works like a keyed house, with no permanent supervision, for the use of only one company at a time. The site is less suitable for noisy events.
Interior design, number of people: the house consists of two rooms, a kitchen and a basement with a summer kitchen and a bathtub, a rear part for summer use and a terrace. There is a double bed and a sofa bed that converts into a bed, making it possible to comfortably accommodate 4 people. It can be extended to a smaller capacity of 6 people with two camping beds, which do not come with sheets, sleeping bags are provided. In summer, it is possible to accommodate two additional people thanks to a mattress in the attic.
Usage. Lighting is provided by battery-operated lanterns, water comes from a nearby spring and bottled water. A bathtub in the basement allows you to wash. The toilets are in the courtyard (Composting toilets). The signal is intermittent and 4G is not typical of this place. It’s not a place for 4G, so to speak. The area is a Natura 2000 site, actively hunted, and the written and unwritten rules of forestry must therefore be respected at all times so as not to disturb the inhabitants of the forest with their presence. Pets are not allowed, as the interior layout does not allow it and their outdoor accommodation is not possible (no fence).
Location, access: the house is 500 meters from the red tourist sign connecting Gyöngyössolymos to Mátraszentimre. Access by car is possible from Gyöngyös, via the Gyöngyös Zoo and the Mineral House, via Gyöngyösoroszi and Károlytáró. After leaving the cars in Károlytáró, we continue our journey on foot or in our SUV. A kilometre and a half walk or three kilometres of forest dirt road separate us from our destination. The dirt road is only accessible by all-terrain vehicle throughout the year, but after heavy snowfall or prolonged rain, it may no longer be accessible.

Vörös kunyhó kulcsosház – Mátra
GPS coordinates: 47.87817, 19.88076

Red Hut – Contact, make an appointment Phone: +36 (20) 995 1600

Home number: +36 (20) 3366 770, if the previous number is not available and there is no response to a text message within one day.

Red Hut – Prices

  • 35000 Ft/house/day
  • No tourist tax
  • Can be rented by only one group at a time.
  • We do not accept SZEPKARTYA (cafeteria)
  • We do not accept pets