Red Hut Erdei kulcsosház családok, baráti társaságok számára…


Red Hut

The Red Hut is located in the southern part of the Mátra, 13 km from Gyöngyös. The house is located in a nature reserve, without a fence, literally in the depths of the forest, and therefore in nomadic conditions, but not in a puritanical design.

Red Hut – Rooms

The house consists of two rooms, a kitchen and a cellar with summer kitchen and bathroom, as well as a rear part for the summer and a terrace.

Red Hut – Landscapes

The house is located 500 meters from the red tourist sign connecting Gyöngyössolymos to Mátraszentimre. A kilometer and a half walk or three kilometres of forest dirt road separate us from our destination. The dirt road is only accessible by all-terrain vehicle throughout the year, but after heavy snowfall or long periods of rain, it may not be possible to drive.